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The webmaster, in other words the creator and administrator of the website is essential for the creation of your website and I'll explain why in this article.

Anne-Laure CompainAnne-Laure Compain

Anne-Laure Compain

Graphic designer at Snoweb
Published on 7 October 2021 (Updated on 25 February 2022)

Before talking about the role of a webmaster, let's talk about a fact. The companies that have an exponential growth are the ones that have a powerful website and clearly state their services. We agree, not every business has the same budget to spend on their website, but even on your own scale, you can break through and differentiate yourself from your competitors on search engines.

➡️ So in this article, we will see the roles and differences that exist between a website creator and a website administrator but most importantly their importance. As its name suggests the creator will create your website while the administrator will take care of its health and maintenance online.

1. A website designer

The creation of a website requires several skills in various fields. To optimize the creation of a website I recommend you to call upon a complete team made up :

  • expertise in web development
  • expertise in SEO or natural referencing
  • expertise in graphic design

For this, you can call upon freelancers or web agencies to create your website.

Note that several types of websites can be offered to you depending on whether you want to manage and add your content yourself or not. On one hand you have the CMS, otherwise known as Content Management System, and on the other hand you have the custom website. To learn more about these two types of websites, I invite you to read these two articles:

What does a web designer do?

Step 1: Definition of the client's need

This step allows you to identify the problem and answer it. But you have to ask yourself, what does this really mean? Let's take the example of an entrepreneur who launches his business, the webmaster will ask himself this type of question :

  • What are my client's issues?
  • Why does he want a website?
  • What do they want to sell on their website? Services? Products?
  • Does he need a showcase website?
  • Do they have products to sell?
  • Does he need an administrator space to manage his website or his products ?

It is important to know that a good framing of a project allows the webmaster to better estimate the time spent on the creation of the website but also in which direction he must work to ensure optimal durability of the website. In the best case, the client, so you, provides a detailed specification to the webmaster so that no functionality is forgotten. I advise you to read this article which presents the methodology to adopt to create your specifications.

From this document, the webmaster will be able to establish a financial estimate of your project but also a delivery schedule.

Thanks to his experience and expertise, a website designer will be able to guide you in your choices. You remember the examples of questions that we have seen and well for a master builder for example, by following his questions, we arrive at this kind of answer:

  • Creation of a portfolio to present his various achievements.
  • Creation of a sales page for each service he offers.
  • Creation of a logo so that the users of the website start to register the name of the master builder.

💡 For all those who are looking for advice on how to create a logo, go to my article.

Step 2: Choosing the type of website

The website creator can offer you several types of websites. I will detail them as well as their strong and weak points.

  • CMS: Content Manager System. A CMS allows you to easily manage your website by yourself. You will have in hand a dashboard allowing you to create the pages of your website and to add text and visual content. You may have heard of Wordpress or Wix, and well they are CMS. One is not easy to use and the other is not very powerful. Personally, I work with Snoweb CMS, a CMS developed by a team from Nantes. You should not choose a CMS because of its price or its reputation but according to its performance in Google. You may have a very modern and design website, but if it is not optimized for Google, nobody will see it.
  • Custom website: this type of website is developed from scratch by a developer. You are free to have what you want on your website, including more complex features. For example, you can request an administrator area to collect leads and then process them.

Step 3: Work on SEO

Be aware that not all website designers master SEO. It is important to work with a team that masters this skill for the creation of your website. If you don't know what SEO is for, I'll enlighten you. It is, in fact, your visibility on search engines like Google. The referencing passes by the choice of relevant key words according to your target, of optimization of the code of your Internet website, of optimization of its contents but also of more complex strategies. You can find in detail a methodology for your SEO campaign.

2. A website administrator

You are probably wondering what is a website administrator?

In fact, it is simply the person in charge of the proper functioning of your website, its online and its daily health. We talk about hosting and maintenance. If you work with a freelance web developer or a web agency, this service will necessarily be offered.


You should not neglect this part, it is about maintaining your website online, its updates, its backups and especially the correction of bugs that can prevent users from accessing your website. It is important to know that it is less expensive to take out a maintenance contract that allows you to correct bugs one by one rather than correcting them all at once or, worse, having to redo your website.

➡️ Find more details about the maintenance of a website.


We are talking about hosting your website on a server but also your domain name which corresponds to The best known hosts are Ovh or Amazon Web Services and must be managed by a web developer.

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