Top 20 best website templates

Selection of recommended templates designed with Gastby and React. For a modern, comprehensive and converting website.

Alexis Le BaronAlexis Le Baron

Alexis Le Baron

Developer at Snoweb
Published on 23 June 2021 (Updated on 25 February 2022)

Looking for a template for your website? You are on the right page.

Here is a selection of more than 15 templates for showcase website reliable, powerful and with a remarkable design. 

We have divided them into different categories. Some of them are for example more adapted to the use for a mobile app or for a portfolio.

1. Template website : what you need to know

Let's start with the obvious: your website is your showcase on the Internet. And everyone knows that a beautiful window is always more attractive than an empty one.

On the Internet, the same is true. First, if your website is poorly designed or poorly optimized, it may simply not appear in the search engine results! 

Secondly, a website that is not optimized for users or for use on cell phones is also not very effective.

On the contrary, a secure, optimized website with smooth navigation can help you develop your visibility and grow your business!

So to help you make the right choice in creating your website, we have selected the best templates.

All these templates are written with the Gatsby technology which allows you to generate static pages. 

What does this mean? We explain in more detail the importance of static pages in our article dedicated to the rules to optimize the loading time of a page.

However, remember one thing: thanks to static pages, the templates we have selected guarantee you a high performance website! In 2021, this criterion is fundamental on the Internet.

2. Template website : for agencies

Here are three templates for a showcase website particularly recommended for use by an agency. This template is for you if you are a :

  • web agency
  • digital marketing agency
  • influence marketing agency
  • advertising agency
  • SEO agency
Note that you can also use this template if you have another type of activity!

2.1 Agency Modern

This website template stands out with its modern and clean design. It is often used by start-ups or innovative agencies. 

It allows you to create in a few clicks a website with :

  • a form to start developing your email list
  • a visual and modern presentation of services
  • an integrated blog module

2.2 Agency

The Agency template is clear and very versatile. We like the idea of installing a website template that ticks all the options that we are looking for when we have a business! 

Note for example:

  • a presentation of services uncluttered and minimalist
  • a portfolio space
  • integration of videos from the home page
  • a customer testimonial space
  • display of team members
  • frequently asked questions
  • newsletter subscription block

2.3 Agency digital

Agency digital is the ideal theme for creatives. Thanks to its flexibility, you will be able to take it in hand easily and thus present your services and achievements to attract new prospects to you.

The template provides:

  • customizable presentation of features/services
  • price list in different columns 
  • portfolio of logos and customer references
  • blog space with the last three on the home page

3. Website template for mobile app

Secondly, here is a selection of templates and models of web pages ideal for a company or a start-up that develops a mobile app.

Whether your website is designed to present your mobile app, whether it is a landing page or a sales tool, it is important to take care of its accessibility and design.

The three templates we have selected meet these criteria of course! Here they are:

3.1 Appmodern

The Appmodern template developed with Gatsby is perfect to present an app. It is clear, immersive and allows you to present in detail all the features of an app.

Some interesting options :

  • possibility to link the website to reviews (Google Reviews, AppStore)
  • dynamic SVG animations without weighing down the navigation
  • presentation of the app's features (videos, images, animations)
  • integrated customer reviews with photo
  • presentation of price and offers 
  • newsletter field

3.2 Appclassic

An easy website for your app with this template! A classic layout but not boring. This template is complete, powerful and suitable for your business. It promises you great success for your app!

We like :

  • its clean design
  • easy presentation of the app's features
  • SVG animations for an immersive side
  • large format presentation of the app
  • pricing section 
  • frequently asked questions

3.3 App

App is a versatile and adaptable theme, perfect for illustrating the work of a startup that has developed an app. The theme is minimalist and offers the user a dynamic experience thanks to the many animation options. This template is for you if:

  • You want to catch the eye of the user with your app and its features
  • You are looking for customizable content blocks 
  • You want to create a lasting impression of modernity and truly innovative service
  • Everything you have to say should be highlighted on the homepage

4. The best website templates for SaaS software

Is your company a company that offers Saas software for Software as a Service? In other words, you produce software as a service? 

If so, your whole communication ecosystem is aimed at making your software known and your website is an important part of it.

That's why you need a quality showcase website that shows all the advantages of your software and its benefits!

4.1 Saasmodern

The Sassmodern template is definitely modern! Its design makes the most of the presentation of your SaaS software. On the back-office side, it is very easy to use and it is possible to link it with your marketing automation tools for example.

Once you have tried it, you can add the following options:

  • presentation of features
  • pricing grid
  • customer testimonials 
  • frequently asked questions
  • contact form

4.2 Saasclassic

SaasClassic is a very intuitive and easy to use website template. Its round design and warm colors give a reassuring side. It offers you the possibility to present your Saas software simply while adding additional widgets.

You will be able to :

  • present screens of your software with animations and video tutorials
  • emphasize the differentiating features of your software
  • engage your customers with insightful testimonials

4.3 Saas

Saas, as its name suggests, is the perfect template to develop a SaaS company's showcase website.

Because your website must be easy to understand to engage your prospect! Some ideas to use this template:

  • Showcase your software easily thanks to the minimalism of the template
  • Present the best features of your software with large images and descriptive lists
  • Use the customer testimonial that gives voice to the best ambassadors of your brand: your customers!
  • Present your work method with timelines or workflows
  • Answer all questions from prospects with a question and answer system

5. Cryptocurrency company ? Our best website templates

Companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology field also need a showcase website! If this is your case, we have two websites templates to show you to support your business development!

5.1 Cryptomodern

Cryptomodern is a theme developed with Gatsby (React) that you can use for any kind of business project you would like to launch in Bitcoin! You can use it as is thanks to its many features:

  • Pre-sale token system
  • Clean design
  • Responsive and mobile first
  • Clear presentation
  • Newsletter registration module
  • Help area (FAQ)

5.2 Crypto

Crypto is a theme whose main purpose is the creation of cryptocurrency or crypto-currency business website. It is a theme developed in React with a unique and modern look! 

  • The theme behaves perfectly on any media: desktop, mobile or tablets
  • It highlights all the services of your company
  • Possibility to add SVG animations for a more immersive navigation

6. Template for a decoration company

Are you looking for a website template for your interior design business? The Interior template is the right one for you and here is why:

6.1 Interior

Interior is a template specially designed for the creation of a showcase website for a renovation company, interior design, architecture or construction broker.

Its design is elegant and leaves a lot of room for images. It is perfect to present your achievements and your services as a professional of decoration.

7. Template for an association

Whether you are an association, a non-governmental organization or a non-profit organization, Snoweb offers you an ideal theme to present your activities:

7.1 Charity

Charity is a powerful and flexible theme to carry your voice on the internet! Note that its back office is easy to use. We like its features:

  • Modular text and image blocks to fit your needs.
  • Possibility to integrate a payment module to launch a fundraising campaign.
  • Integrated blog with the latest news on the home page.
  • Presentation of partners

8. Website template for web hosting service

The two templates in this list are tested and recommended by Snoweb! They will be precious allies to develop your web hosting business.

The web hosting and domain name industry is very competitive, that's why it's important to be able to stand out from the crowd with a powerful, secure website that reflects your image.

8.1 Hostingmodern

Hostingmodern template is remarkable for its modern and clean design. It will surely meet your needs as a web hosting company. With this website template, you will be able to:

  • Present your different hosting offers or domain name purchase
  • Showcase your most important features
  • Propose different price offers
  • Keep a blog to promote your expertise
  • Propose to your audience to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Secure your users' data

8.2 Hosting

This modern template will save you from spending hours on creating your website since it is very complete! What we like about this template is that it is robust and easy to use.

Some remarks:

  • Integrated search system
  • Description of services in the form of grid blocks or text blocks
  • Integration of call-to-action buttons
  • Pricing grid
  • Testimonials
  • Questions and answers

9. Themes of the showcase website in the field of logistics and transport

If your business is in the logistics or transportation field, you need a showcase website!

Fortunately, the template below checks all the boxes to help you with your digital marketing. It is for you if:

  • you are a start-up in the transportation or shipping field
  • you have a logistics company
  • you run a niche business (dropshipping type)

9.1 Ride

Ride is the ideal template to showcase the use of your service. 

Indeed, its design, illustrations and typography are designed to allow you to tell a story, your story. 

At Snoweb, we like :

  • the possible effects and animations to bring a living side to your website
  • the widgets to integrate: for example a price simulator 
  • the text and image blocks to customize
  • the possibility to connect the template to paid terminals like Stripe
  • the integrated blog module

10. The best website template for portfolio

No matter what your business is, you certainly have something to show! That's why an optimized template for a portfolio can be a good idea.

For example if you are a photographer, freelance web developer or social media manager. 

For a portfolio website template to be complete, it is important that it is customizable and adaptable to the specificity of your business!

10.1 Portfolio

The template we have selected is perfect for this purpose. You can easily highlight your latest achievements or indicate your work process. To note:

  • Hyper-customizable text blocks
  • A dedicated part to present your services or your diplomas
  • An integrated blog
  • A grid with customer testimonials

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