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It is quite easy today to find quote simulators to create your website. You answer a multitude of questions and you have your quote! But is this really what you are looking for? Have you thought about all the questions you were asked beforehand? Let's go over the points to think about before asking for a quote, but also those that must absolutely be included in a quote.

Anne-Laure CompainAnne-Laure Compain

Anne-Laure Compain

Web designer at Snoweb
Published on 8 February 2022 (Updated on 25 February 2022)

1. Why do I need a detailed quote before I start?

In the web industry, as in any other profession, before starting an assignment, you need to get a quote. This is a document that groups together the services that a service provider offers to its client as well as their respective prices.

Note that it is free to request an estimate and that it does not commit you to anything until you sign it.

In our case, for the creation or redesign of a website, the client will request commercial proposals from different service providers in order to choose one and launch the mission.

1.1 How to choose the right quote?

Should you choose based on price? According to the creation time? By the reputation of the provider? Well, I would say none of the above! Work on fealing. But a guided fealing 😉

Let me explain!

When you ask for a quote from an agency or a freelancer you will present your project and your needs. Well when in return you are going to receive it, you are going to have to check some things. First of all, do you think this commercial proposal is just another copy and paste of an old one or has it been made according to your needs? Is it consistent with your request?

If you ask for a portfolio website and on the quote you have a line "Setting up a user space", I advise you to flee! Your service provider has not taken the time to properly make your quote.

  • If you want to work with an agency

The advantage of a web agency is that it is multi-functional. In other words, they can meet all your web needs, whether it's the creation of the site or the writing of the content or even your communication strategy. However, this diversity of skills also means a diversity of professional profiles in the agency, which means higher operating costs and therefore higher prices. But let's not make a generalization!

  • If you want to work with a freelancer

Working with a freelancer has a huge advantage, you are usually working with someone who is passionate (just like you, future or current entrepreneur). For some projects, such as logo design, working with a freelancer is great, you only need a graphic designer. However, for the creation of a website, you will need at least 2 profiles: a developer and a web designer. So you need a developer/designer pairing.

You are lucky because at Snoweb, we are both a pair of passionate developers/web designers and an agency. We help you create or redesign your website, but also write your content and do your SEO. By the way, if you're reading this article, it's because we're good at both SEO and content writing.
Need a quote for a site?

Snoweb has over 8 years of experience in website development. We have worked with many companies in e-commerce, marketing, cyber security and travel.

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1.2 What is the difference between a fixed-price quote and a fixed-price quote?

For some web projects, and here I am thinking of large projects requiring a showcase site and a web or mobile application for example, it is wise to estimate differently than for a showcase site.

  • Service

As a general rule, the creation of a website will be priced by service, especially for small creations. That is to say that we commit ourselves with the customer to deliver a result. We sell him a final service.

As in the example below, the service provider undertakes to deliver a visual identity for 2,000.00 €.

ServicePrice (excluding VAT)

Creation of the visual identity

2,000.00 €

Creation of the 10 models for the website

1,500.00 €

Creation of the 20 illustrations

600.00 €

Drafting of text content

2,500.00 €

Integration of models

3,000.00 €

Total excluding VAT

9,600.00 €

  • Fixed price

The principle is different for fixed price contracts. You commit yourself to a certain amount of time with the client. In other words, you sell working time. For some projects, this way of estimating is perfect. For example, for large web projects that will evolve over time, a fixed-price quote guarantees flexibility for the client. The service provider will not invoice for an addition of functionality at 2,000.00 € but for 3 days of work at a daily rate of 600.00 €.

This means that instead of paying €2,000.00 for a service, the client will pay €1,800.00 for 3 days of work. And who knows how much a developer can do in 3 days!

Also, to help with the costing of your project, you can draw up a specification. However, it is not mandatory, but strongly recommended, especially for large web projects! It only allows you to :

  • Protect you in case of prejudice with the service provider
  • Better guide the service provider in the creation of its costing
  • Better guide the service provider in his work

Indeed, the specifications will gather all your technical, visual and content needs for your website.

If you don't know why or how to make a specification, please read my article Website specifications.

2. What should an estimate contain?

Just below, I detail the mandatory information that must appear on a quote. But you should also know that, for large web projects, your service provider can provide you with more elements in addition to the quote, such as

  • A presentation of the agency

Often in the form of one or two pages, the service provider (agency or freelance) can provide you with information about its structure. Such as its years of existence, its latest projects, its known and recognised clients or a presentation of the team.

  • A reformulation of your needs

This is a succinct reformulation of your request to ensure that it has been understood.

  • Breakdown of your project

Depending on the areas to be worked on, the service provider details the points of execution, reflection or questioning.

  • A schedule

The schedule will allow you to project yourself and to know approximately when your product will be online. As well as all its production phases.

  • Legal contracts

Whether for a service or maintenance contract, a contract ensures a reliable commitment between you and your service provider. Indeed, to draw up a contract, we review all the possibilities (good or bad) that may arise during the contract in order to find outcomes that are in everyone's favour. For example, if you do not respect the payment schedule, you will have penalties or if your contractor does not finish the project, you can ask for compensation. But don't worry, every contract is different and you will see with your provider how it works.

If it is not stated on the quote, you have the right to ask what technology(ies) is/are used for your project. This information can help you in your choice of provider. If the technology used is not well known or old, it will be difficult to make it evolve over time.

Information that must appear on an estimate 

All these compulsory mentions are there to protect you as a client and to make sure you have all the information about the future collaboration and collaborator.
informations personnelles

Provider information

Name, company name, address, telephone number and email address


Legal form of the provider's company and VAT number
informations personnelles

Customer information

Name, company name, address, telephone number and email address


Date of quotation, validity period and start date of the assignment

Listing and prices

Details of the service and its unit price (hourly, daily, fixed price)


Terms of payment, advance payment and performance of the assignment

Legal aspect

Amount and time limits for late payment penalties and claims

Overall amount

Total amount to be paid excluding and including VAT, indicating the rate and amount of VAT

3. 10 questions to ask yourself before requesting a quote

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before requesting a quote. It's always better to know what you're talking about before you ask for a quote, so you can be sure you understand everything the person you're talking to is talking about.

What kind of website do you want?


You need to know what type of website you want to develop. This choice is made according to your business. You can develop :

  • A showcase site to present your business
  • An e-commerce site to sell products online
  • A web application to offer an e-solution
  • A blog to share articles on a specific theme
  • A portfolio to present your work
See an example of a showcase site

What kind of technology do you want?


You may not have a precise answer to this question, as it is a technical matter. But you can still ask and tell your provider if you want :

  • A website with a CMS if you want to add and modify the content (text and images) of your website yourself
  • A tailor-made website if your project requires uncommon functionalities or if you do not want to have control over your website
More about CMS

What is your graphic design need?


For your project, do you need design content? Such as :

  • The creation of a complete graphic charter according to your logo presenting the aspects and rights of use of your logo
  • The creation of mock-ups for each page of your website
  • The creation of illustrations or animations to bring your web pages to life
See an example of a graphic charter

Do you need a multilingual site?


Will your website grow internationally? If so, you will need a multilingual site where you can easily manage your languages and the content of each.

  • How many languages do you want to translate your site into?
  • Will you or your service provider do the translations?
See an example of a multilingual site

Do you need online payment?


Your project consists of selling products online? You will therefore need to manage online payments, but what kind of payments?

  • Purchase by credit card
  • Purchase via Paypal
  • Purchase by monthly or annual subscription

You also need to ask yourself :

  • Which currency to display on the site?
See an example of e-commerce

Do you need a user space?


Do you want your prospects to be able to create an account on your site, whether it is an e-commerce or a web application? Once logged in, what do you want :

  • Forgot your password?
  • Settings
  • History
  • Save payment methods
  • Invoice editing
  • Delete account
  • ...

Do you need administrator space?


An administrator space will allow you to manage your website or your web application. For example, for an e-commerce, the administrator space allows you to manage products (add, modify or delete) but also orders.

Do you need specific features


To complete your website, you may need special features, such as a newsletter subscription or a connection to your CRM. Here are some of the most common features:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Pop up window
  • Blog page
  • Online appointment booking
  • Integration of your social networks on a page
  • Internal search engine on the website
  • Creation of PDF documents
  • CRM integration
    • Salesforce
    • Sendgrid
    • Mailchimp
    • ...

Know that if you start on the creation of your website with a CMS, some of these features will already exist, so you will not need to pay for their installation. This is the case with Snoweb CMS!

Discover the functionalities of a CMS
Launch your website, manage its content with a CMS

Do you want to have an evolving website? Dynamic? Optimized and ergonomic?

If you want to manage the addition and modification of its content yourself, the best solution is to use a CMS. We know that your website will evolve and that the content will also change. Don't get stuck because you didn't think of this solution earlier!

Switch to a CMS!

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What type of hosting and maintenance do you want?


In their costing, hosting and maintenance are linked. Indeed, depending on the number of services your website offers and the features it has, the amount of hosting and maintenance will be higher or lower.

  • The more services you have, the more you need a powerful hosting to keep your website online
  • The more features you have that revolve around your website, the more maintenance you will need to ensure that everything is secure and functional.
Learn more about site maintenance

Do you need additional benefits?


To ensure a good visibility and recognition of your website, some complementary services will be necessary as :

  • The creation of your logo
  • Writing marketing content for your sales pages
  • Writing blog articles to attract more visitors
  • Setting up an SEO campaign to be visible on high traffic keywords
More about the SEO campaign

4. Example of a quote for a website

exemple devis site internet EN

5. Conclusion

As you can see, getting a quote for your website is not something you should do on a whim! You first have to think about what you need to sell your idea or project.

Choose a provider :

  • Trustworthy
  • Modern
  • Who listens to you
  • Who can make proposals for your project

And between us, since you are reading my article, why not ask us for a quote?

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