What is the price of a showcase website?

Knowing how much a website will cost is not easy. We detail how much each step of creation and each participant costs.

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Published on 13 March 2021 (Updated on 25 February 2022)

1. The different types of showcase website

Today there are several types of showcase website where we will find different information:

  • Services or products offered
  • Presentation of the company and the team
  • Values of the company
  • News
  • Blog article
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact page to request a quote or information
  • The showcase website can also include a blog section that allows the business to contribute content through blog posts.
It is an essential tool today to present your activity. It is the minimum to be present on the internet, to make yourself known and to attract new customers.

We can distinguish several types of website depending on the needs of the person who makes a site:

  • Landing Page

A landing page is a website that has only one page. It allows to understand quickly the activity of the company in a clear and precise way.

  • Portfolio

The portfolio is perfect for professions that need to show their achievements. For example, a photographer or a graphic designer. The portfolio site is part of the beautiful images. It can allow customers to project themselves and visualize the style of the professional.

On this subject, find all the tips to create a portfolio and different examples of portfolio that work today.
  • Showcase website

The showcase site is a classic website that has several pages to present any type of activity or services.

2. Price of a website according to your needs

Obviously the price of a showcase website varies according to your needs and the number of pages you plan to integrate on your website.

Generally speaking, we can say that the price can be different depending on whether you are making a showcase website:

2.1. What is the difference between a showcase website with or without CMS?

  1. The CMS is a practical tool to help you create a website without having knowledge of computer language.
  2. The CMS allows through an interface to build pages, add photos and modify the text content.

Its advantage is of course its ease of use: you can create and modify your pages easily. You will be able to add additional modules such as :

  • a contact form
  • a tool for making appointments
  • and many other features
👉 Learn more : Which CMS to choose for a website ?

A website without CMS will require knowledge of different web languages. To do this, you will need a web agency or a web developer to create your website.

The advantage of this type of website, can be to have a 100% customized website! If you choose to be accompanied by a designer, you will be able to obtain a rendering that really reflects your image. But, do not forget that today there are CMS that you can customize at will, exactly as a site developed from scratch. With always the advantage of being able to manage yourself your contents!

It is interesting to choose a website without CMS when you do not necessarily plan to update your site regularly. There is also no maintenance fee because there are no additional modules to update.

Comparative table between CMS and custom websites
Custom CMS

Here we are talking about 100% customizable CMS : theme, features, tools, layout ...

100% customized website (colors, texts, buttons) Yes
Editing the content of the pages by yourself Yes
Create, modify and move pages easily by yourself Yes
Adding many images or videos by yourself Yes
Management of the multilingual site Yes
Regular updating of content by yourself Yes
Monthly maintenance package Yes
Classic CMS

Here we are talking about common and classic CMS, very popular but where adding custom features is complex.

100% customized website (colors, texts, buttons) No
Editing the content of the pages by yourself Yes
Create, modify and move pages easily by yourself Yes
Adding many images or videos by yourself Yes
Management of the multilingual site

Depending on the chosen CMS.

Regular updating of content by yourself Yes
Monthly maintenance package No
Customized website

Here we are talking about a website made from scratch and entirely tailored to the needs of a brand.

100% customized website (colors, texts, buttons) Yes
Editing the content of the pages by yourself No
Create, modify and move pages easily by yourself No
Adding many images or videos by yourself No
Management of the multilingual site Yes
Regular updating of content by yourself No
Monthly maintenance package Yes

3. The other points that make the price of a website vary

In addition to the aspect with/without CMS, the showcase website can have a different price depending on the contours of your project:

Do you want a site that is unlike any other?

We know the answer is NO! But what would you like to see again?

  • animations?
  • Interactive content?
  • videos?
  • and so on.

Do you want a site optimized primarily for natural referencing?

In general the answer is YES! If you make a website, it is to be visible on Google, right? You must therefore look for :

  • an optimized website
  • an ultra fast page loading
  • zero heavy plugins that will lower performance
  • an ergonomic website
  • an optimal user experience

Do you want to be autonomous in creating new pages or adding content?

Asking your provider to modify a text or an image on a daily basis: time consuming in the long run, isn't it? If you have a lot of content to create or manage, look for a CMS :

  • easy to use
  • with which you can manage your pages in one click

Do you have tools (CRM, calendar, mailing...) that need to connect to your website?

Depending on your activity, you may not need one. If this is the case, a personalized website will suit you very well.

Do you want a blog on your website?

If you want a blog, it means that you will add content regularly and perhaps internationally or at least in two languages. You should therefore choose a CMS :

  • easy to use
  • where language management is intuitive
  • optimized for natural referencing

How many languages will your site be translated into?

Do you want to sell internationally in the short or long term? It will be easier to manage your languages if you have control over your website, right? Start with :

  • a CMS designed for multilingualism
The different steps to create a website
Audit or specifications

If it is a website redesign, an audit of the current site is necessary to bring out all the improvements. Otherwise, if it is a website creation, a specification will be beneficial.

SEO and web writing

The choice of keywords for your web pages is crucial for your appearance in search engines. The writing of your pages also has an impact on your SEO, it must be mastered.


What are we talking about here? We are talking about the visual of your website but also the user experience: buttons, texts, colors, layout of blocks, etc.. We can also talk about identity (logo).

Development of the website

It is here, according to your choice, either the installation of the CMS with or without customization. Or the pure development of the website. To finally make its setting on line.


Depending on your choice and the complexity of your website and functionality, the price of maintenance will vary. It corresponds to the time that the developer will spend monitoring the health of your site.

Additional development

Once your website is up and running, you may need to add functionality. Depending on your choice, you will either need to add modules to your classic CMS, or a custom development.

4. The step to create a showcase website to estimate the price of your website

4.1 Audit of the website or creation of the specifications

If you have a project of redesigning your website, it is highly recommended to ask your web agency or your future provider for an audit of the existing website.

Naturally, this service is often proposed in the case of a redesign. For a website creation, we rather talk about the writing of specifications.

The audit of the existing website will study:

  • the content of the site (its relevance and its interest in a well referenced website)
  • the graphics of the site (is it well thought out for the end user?)
  • the technical side of the website (is the website secure and well optimized?)
This will allow you to easily estimate the things to rework and keep on your website and the costs involved.

The specifications in the case of the creation of a showcase website takes the form of a summary document. It is intended to highlight the :

  • technical
  • aesthetic
  • functional constraints

4.2 SEO and web writing

SEO (or natural referencing) refers to all the actions that are implemented on a website to position itself on interesting Google queries.

Thus, we will privilege the creation of a content page evoking a target keyword to try to be found more easily by the Internet users when they make a research on the search engines (Google).

It is advisable to have a reflection on this subject from the creation of the showcase website because the SEO will have consequences on the pages that you will create.

Similarly, you can delegate the editorial part of the website to your provider so that the content is 100% optimized for SEO and especially that it is pleasant to read for your audience.

More information on the article content optimization.

4.3 Webdesign

The webdesign is the visual part of your website. This part is usually entrusted to a UX designer, webdesigner or art director.

If your provider offers you the realization of a website with a CMS, it is possible that he offers you to make a model. This will allow you to project yourself in the design of the website before moving on to its technical implementation.

The estimate can include a completely customized design or a simple design.

It is also in this part that can appear additional options like the creation of a logo or a graphic charter.

4.4 The development of the showcase website

Depending on the technical solution chosen, the estimate will include a development part. Either the development will be done "from scratch", or it will be a matter of installing the CMS and setting it up with your desired features.

The development allows to give life to the realized models. The development will include the following steps:

  • the installation of the website on a hosting space and a server.
  • the installation of a CMS (or development by hand).
  • the creation of the pages of the website and their integration optimized for all the supports (mobile, computer and tablet).
  • integration of additional features and modules (contact form, map, online booking module...).
  • optimization of the website (security, speed of loading of the pages).
  • Putting the website online.

4.5 The maintenance of the showcase website

A maintenance package can be included in the estimate for the creation of the website. Generally, the maintenance is carried out every year or even every month. The cost is therefore taken monthly or annually depending on the project.

The maintenance consists in keeping the website up to date in terms of security. We also make a backup of the database in case of a problem.

The maintenance allows to update the CMS and the complementary modules which are installed. A general update of the content can also be included in the estimate.

5. The price of a showcase website detailed item by item

Now that you are aware of all the steps that will mark out your project of creation of a website, here is an estimate of the prices.

Obviously, these prices are indications and must be submitted to a request for quote from a provider.

5.1 The price of a website hosting

Hosting allows you to "store" your website online. You will also be asked to create a domain name: which is the address of your website.

The domain name is paid 1 time per year. If it is available, here are the prices according to its extension at Amazon web service :

The hosting service is accessible and generally you can subscribe to a basic offer from a hosting company.

If your website's traffic increases, you may need a dedicated server and later subscribe to a more important offer.

Keep in mind that a hosting with the purchase of a domain name for a showcase website will cost :

  • between 5 and 600 € per year for a website with a few pages
  • more than 600 € per year for a high traffic website

These estimates can of course vary depending on your provider and the infrastructure in place.

5.2 Graphic design rates for your website

Your website is the first contact that your customers will have with you. It is necessary that you pay a great attention to the aesthetics of your website.

To do this, the "graphic" or "art direction" of your website will represent a certain part of the final price of your website.

For your information, a freelance webdesigner has an average daily rate between 300 and 600 € depending on his level of experience and his "graphic touch". Some of them have a specialization by sector of activity or by type of website. Note that the webdesigner will need at least 2 to 4 days to create the graphic models of your website.

5.3 Price list for website development

The development of the website, with or without CMS, requires the intervention of a web developer.

For the installation and configuration of a showcase website, the time to spend is between half a day and a day of work. The rate of a freelance developer can vary between 300 and 800 € per day.

The service includes all the necessary configuration so that you can easily work on the website. A training can also be considered with the developer to then follow your updates independently.

5.4 Web writing and SEO rates for a showcase website

In the framework of a project of showcase website with a real will to develop your business, you could call upon a SEO consultant. He will advise you on the website's tree structure and the pages to create. To do this, his intervention could be between 300 and 700 € per day to deliver recommendations.

For the production of content pages, you can call upon a web editor or copywriter whose cost is also between 300 and 700 € per day.

5.5 Maintenance rate for a showcase website

Finally, the maintenance of your website and CMS is essential for the proper functioning of the website. However, it is not mandatory for the client and can cost from 40 to 200 € per month.

Your website created by professionals can cost between 480 and 2400 € per year depending on your needs and the technical solution chosen.

On high traffic websites, it is possible that this price can vary even more.

6. Conclusion

The price of a website will depend on many factors. But the most important is your need. Once you have established what you need clearly, everything else will be clear. You will then know what to choose:

  • Classic CMS
  • Custom CMS
  • Site "from scratch
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