Heal the weaknesses of your website 

Do you have a website in poor health or that you no longer like? Your users can't find information or don't easily take action. Then you may need a website redesign.

Redesign of the brand

Trendy and modern logo


Colors and meanings


Typography and readability


Redesign of colors and illustrations

Color palette and color chart

Web Design

Color contrast and readability

Web Design

Informative illustrations

Web Design

Redesign of the tree structure, links, texts and menus

Tree structure and links

Web Design

Texts and formatting

Web Design

Menus and submenus

Web Design

Redesign of the user path, page structure and contact information

User path

Web Design

Page structure

Web Design

Contact information

Web Design

Redesign of responsive, search and call to action

Search by keywords

Web Design

Responsive on all media

Web Design

Visible call to action

Web Design

Redesign of page loading, images and loading speed

Loading page elements


Image resizing


Page loading speed


Redesign of security, essential web signals and updates.

Security and improvements


Essential web signals


Updates and corrections


These weaknesses impact your sales

web design credibility company

Users establish the credibility of a company on its website.

web design share bad experience

Users share a bad experience on a website with their friends.

web design user leave bad website

Users leave a website because of a bad user experience.

Give new life to your website

Snoweb offers several improvements for the redesign of your website.

web design redesign brand

Make an impression

Snoweb transform your identity with a modern touch so that it marks more the minds of your target.

web design focus optimization user experience

Simplify the user experience

Snoweb focuses its optimizations on the user experience so that your target can find information more easily.

web design technical redesign

Navigate at lightning speed

Snoweb improve the performance of your pages so that they are more visible in Google Search and faster.

The verdict of these redesigns

5 out of 5 stars

Excellent company

Excellent company we worked with for the design, development and hosting of our website.

Christophe Foret

President of C-Risk

5 out of 5 stars

Challenge accepted

We challenged Snoweb to create a website with extraordinary performances: challenge taken up with brio! The stakes of referencing and user experience were high but Snoweb managed them perfectly. I recommend them without any restriction.

Nicolas Delignieres

Co-founder and CEO

5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic team

The team is simply fantastic! They knew how to listen to me, and and guessed my expectations. A reactive and creative team, we left them have free rein.

Angélique Coquard

Founder of the Pizzeria des Halles

Estimate the cost for the redesign of my website

Don't forget to send us the link of your website in the message field. We will then be able to send you the cost of the redesign of your website.


Do you still have doubts?

I'm not sure if I should redesign my website, what should I do?

We can perform a free audit of your website in order to advise you on a possible redesign.

I use a CMS, can you still redesign my website?

We first check your website to know if we can make your redesign or not.

What are the criteria that vary the price of the redesign of my website?

The criteria are the number, length and complexity of the pages.

Do I have to change my hosting for a website redesign?

It all depends on the offer you choose. If you want to improve the performance of your website, it is quite possible that this is the case.