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What price for a logo?

"Have a logo? It's easy! It's a matter of two or three strokes of the pen and that's it the logo is done."

It's time to get that idea out of your head. A logo takes a lot of work and thought. That's why it should be designed by a professional. But let's not dwell on it, let's get down to business.

Anne-Laure CompainAnne-Laure Compain

Anne-Laure Compain

Graphic designer at Snoweb
Published on 2 April 2022 (Updated on 2 April 2022)

The logo is essential for the development of a brand, but sometimes it is not enough work. And unfortunately, it is often a question of budget. Today, it is possible to have a logo for 0€ or on the contrary for tens of thousands of euros.

But where does such a difference come from?

Why can a logo cost so much?

And a logo at 0€, what is it really worth?

We will answer all his questions and reassure you about the prices that different logo designers can display.

1. Why would you want to create a logo?

To make yourself known

Thanks to its colors, its texts and its form the logo will mark the spirits.

To create a brand image

A logo helps create a good first impression to potential customers.

To differentiate yourself

Today, competition is tough and no matter what the sector, your logo will stand out!

To build trust

The logo will convey the values and DNA of the brand. Sincerity, uniqueness, listening...

2. What is a working logo?

Of the billions of logos out there, many of them don't work. But what does this mean? Quite simply:

  • They don't get the right message across
  • They are not readable
  • They are poorly constructed
  • They don't have the right colors
  • They are not up to date
  • They are not unique

A logo that works has to be creative and unique. No two logos should look the same. And, because we don't redo a logo every 6 months, a logo must be timeless to live in time. Then for the logo to convey the right message, it must be readable and therefore simple. This implies first of all that all the elements can be distinguished from each other, that the colors do not disturb the reading and that the elements do not overlap. Finally, and perhaps the most important element, a logo must be consistent with the brand's field of activity and its values.

For example, for a pediatric logo, we will forget about busy logos, with bright colors and imposing typography. The logo will be soft, comforting and soothing.

3. What methodology to use to make a logo?


The first step to create a logo is to study the competition. But not only! It is important to make a logo that does not look like its competitors but it is even more important to make a logo for a specific target.

A logo for a sports team will have nothing to do with a logo for a music class. And as said above, the logo allows to distinguish the sector of activity. This is done through the colors, the shape and the text.

The objectives of a logo


Be careful, we are talking about inspiration and not copy!

The idea is to brainstorm all the words that revolve around the idea of a brand. Then, with this brainstorming, we create a trend board where we add inspirations of colors, texts, typographies, texture...

What is a brainstorming?


Let's get down to business! I'm kidding, the previous steps are all as important as the creation part and in general all as long! For the creation of the logo we start from sketches to pose the main ideas. Then we refine these sketches and we work in black and white. Why this ? Simply because the color will disturb the vision of the logo. By working in black and white we concentrate on one thing: the design and the layout of the elements.

Why do sketches?


Once the general idea of the logo is drawn, we move on to the adjustments and variations. It is at this moment that we think of all the combinations that can take the logo. With a colored background, without background, with a pattern, in square, horizontal, vertical...

Declinations of the logo


Now it's time to use the logo on a website, social networks, a brochure or a business card.

Logo exports

4. Why does the price of a logo vary?

The price of a logo is not a fixed thing. And if you meet a service provider and he tells you "Your logo will cost you so much" without even listening to your request, you can be sure that there is a wolf. The price of a logo varies according to three things:

  • The client's request
  • The time spent to make the logo (creation and production)
  • The type of service provider

It is because of these three points that a logo will cost 500€ while another will cost 10 000€.

Let's talk about expensive logos, the logo of Pole Emploi has been invoiced 500 000€.
pole emploi logo
example of generotr logo website

Hire a cheap graphic designer

Your other option is to hire a cheap graphic designer. There are many platforms that offer this. You can even make your logo for 5€. But between us, do you find it rewarding for you? For your brand? And for the graphic designer who worked?

You also have to ask yourself the right questions. Why graphic designer A asks me 150€ for my logo while graphic designer B asks me 1 500€. Once you ask this question, many other questions come up:

  • Won't the 150€ logo be as generic as the one made by the generator site?
  • Is the graphic designer A competent?
  • Will the logo be up to my expectations?

For this price, it is certain that you will not be able to exchange with the graphic designer to discuss the tracks and thus improve your logo hand in hand.

5.2 What to do when you have a logo budget between 500€ and 2 000€?

A good thing, if your budget for your logo is here! With this type of budget, you can use an experienced graphic designer or a small communication agency.

Working with an experienced freelance designer or agency will ensure that you have a personal, unique logo that respects your choices. They will be there to advise you in your final choice.

Here are some tips on how to choose your graphic designer :

  • Request your portfolio. A portfolio is a PDF, digital or paper document that will summarize your career path and your various achievements.
  • Judge his portfolio. You have to judge the professionalism of his achievements. Be careful not to find only school projects!
  • Ask him how he charges. By the service or by the package.
  • Judge his experience. The price that the graphic designer will offer you will depend on his experience and his expertise. If you choose the low end of the scale, between 500€ and 900€, you will probably be dealing with a junior designer with a minimum of experience. This can become a problem if you expect the designer to surprise you and start from "nothing" to create the logo buried in the back of your head. For this type of project, you should prefer senior designers who can guide your choices and bring you their expertise. They will not only execute your request, they will work on it, push it to its limits, criticize it and perfect it. It is for this type of experience and advice that a client is willing to pay an average of 2 000€ for his logo.

5.3 What to do when your logo budget is over 2 500€?

Well, let's be clear, at this price you do not only have a logo! Most of the time, you have upstream of the creation of the logo, a market study and a competitive study of made. This allows the provider to better know both your competitors to not look like them and your target to create a logo that speaks to him.

For this price range, the provider in question is very often a communication agency. And, as for a freelance, study the achievements of the agency, its reputation, its customers and their opinions.

For this budget, in general, the graphic charter is included in the estimate. But it remains of course to check.

6. What should a logo design quote contain?

A quote allows a customer to have a price estimate for a given mission. Creating a logo is not a trivial thing and asking for quotes allows to :

prix logo comment

Know the price

Thanks to the estimate, the customer knows the price he will have to pay for his logo.

prix logo bonnes bases

Start on the right footing

The estimate is a first estimation. Depending on the customer's requests, it may change.

prix logo securiser parties

Secures parties

When the quote is signed, the client and the provider are bound and secure.

prix logo relation de confiance

Relationship of trust

Following the signature of the estimate, often the payment of a deposit is requested by the provider. This strengthens the relationship between the two.

prix logo conditions


On the estimate it is written many legal and statutory conditions that allow to mention the conditions of execution of the mission and payment.

pris logo contenu devis

Do you want to know what a quote should contain?

I invite you to consult our article on this subject. Discover the compulsory mentions of an estimate.

7. The elements that your provider must provide you once your logo is finalized

Here are the minimum requirements that your service provider must provide to you once his mission is accomplished:

  1. The logo in different formats. A high definition format reserved for printing and an optimized format for the web and social networks. For the print format, a PDF is perfect. While for the web, an SVG file is recommended.
  2. The transfer of the rights of the logo. You must ensure that the provider assigns its rights on the logo so that it belongs to you. Some providers will let you the rights for 5 or 10 years or only on a well defined country. This means that 10 years and 1 month after creating your logo, if you want to use it you have to pay rights to your former provider. But at Snoweb we don't do that, your logo is yours (as soon as you have paid the invoice πŸ˜‰ ) !

8. The graphic charter, optional or mandatory?

As a graphic design professional, I tell you that a graphic charter is mandatory. The graphic charter is a document that lists all the information about the identity of a brand:

  • The logo: its sizes and variations
  • The colors
  • The typography(s)
  • The rights to use the logo

Depending on the provider you work with, the creation of the graphic charter may be included in the quote. But it is not automatic. Some can charge it in addition.

At Snoweb, the creation of the graphic charter is included in the price of the logo creation.

FAQ about the price of a logo

Well, no. Unfortunately the work that had to be done for the creation of the logo will have to be done for the redesign. The creation and design time will be almost identical.

No worries, the role of the graphic designer is to listen to you talk about your brand. Then, thanks to everything you tell him, he will be able to start his research and propose you some graphic tracks.

Every designer is different, but at Snoweb this is how we proceed. We discuss with the client his needs and his company. A competitive study is done and then the first sketches are made. We present 6 graphic tracks to the client. For the track which is retained we make adjustments in order to propose an ideal final version.

It depends on what you want. But as mentioned above, the average creation time is 3 to 4 days. Some logos may take a few days while others may take several months, like Instagram for example πŸ˜‰

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