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Change the web with Snoweb CMS. Simply manage your web pages and win the SEO war against your competitors.

CMS website creation

with your current cms

You are fighting an endless battle to improve your website.

You spend time on your CMS to try to improve your website. But you’re getting bored.

Because it is not simple

usage CMS

And because when you use them :

It's slow

You are discouraged because your CMS takes time to create a single page. Imagine if you had to create 100 !

It's time consuming

You are tired, because you are doing too many similar actions.

It's not easy to use

You are lost, you look for help on the Internet without success.

It is limited

You are stuck, because you want to add your personal touch to your website, but the CMS does not allow it.

It's shaky

You are afraid to update your CMS, because the system might display an error.

Because you are satisfied with the current tools

create website CMS

You have created your website with a CMS. Unfortunately, you are experiencing problems.

Your pages are slow and poorly referenced

Your prospects don't have time to wait for your website to load. You lose sales because you are not on the first page of Google.

Your pages do not stand out visually

Your website does not stand out. Your brand is not highlighted.

Your pages have a conversion rate <1%.

Your prospects get lost easily on your website because of a poorly worked ergonomics.

Your pages are not very customizable

Your CMS is limited, it does not allow you to do some essential things for your business.

Repetitive bugs

The theme of your CMS is not maintained up to date. You can not put the latest version of the CMS.

The cost to correct these problems is high. In many cases, it is often cheaper to redo the entire website.

An efficient CMSis the promise of a successful website

A CMS that meets your expectations saves you time and therefore money.

Order your CMSnow

created for you

Snoweb CMS is that promise.

The back-office with an accessible, elegant and easy to use interface.

Create and modify the pages

Snoweb CMS allows you to create many pages simply and in a few minutes. Then manage your pages without difficulties.

Enjoy fast indexing in Google search

Snoweb CMS allows Google's robots to crawl your website's pages on average 2x faster. Very important for your SEO.

Improve the conversion rate of your pages

Snoweb CMS is an in-depth work on the user experience. Your prospects find the information and take action.

Gain visibility with an efficient SEO

Snoweb CMS has been thought to optimize the SEO of each page, for a better visibility more quickly.

Expand internationally in a few clicks

Snoweb CMS allows you to manage your website in several languages to reach even more people.

Manage all your websites in one place

Snoweb CMS allows you to manage several websites with different domain names from the same back-office.

Snoweb CMS makes your website visible

  • cms 1st position


    Aim for the 1st positions on the Google engine

    Rank your target pages high on search engines like Google, in response to keywords with high traffic and conversion rates.

  • cms enriched results


    Publish rich results in Google

    Reviews, prices, hours... Enhanced results offer users a more user-friendly experience, in the form of carousels, images or other elements.

  • cms technical


    Carry out a technical SEO check of the website

    A website optimized for SEO displays a clean code in the eyes of Google's algorithms. The program: optimization of crawlability, analysis of logs ...

  • cms visibility


    Ensure lasting visibility

    Enjoy long-lasting visibility. The results appear in a few months. You will receive qualified and regular traffic. No need to advertise.


Snoweb CMS is fully interfaceable

site internet outils snoweb

You can interface with your existing software.

The goal is to automatically transmit information without having to enter it. You can also integrate media from other web supports. Here is what you can do with Snoweb CMS :

  • Management and integration in a page like YouTube, Calendly or Google Business
  • Management of marketing tools like Crisp, Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel/Messenger
  • CRM management like Hubspot, Salesforce or Zoho
  • Notification management like Gmail, MailChimp or Slack

Win the SEO war

Snoweb CMS allows you to have a website visible more quickly by Google robots and therefore to be referenced in a shorter time than other websites.

Google robots speed
Google Lighthouse score
Increased traffic

The verdict of our customers

A modern and multi-functional CMS

120 blocks

Benefit, for the moment, from 120 blocks to highlight your company.

Optimized images

Add your images including webP and SVG. Your images will be automatically resized.

Text formatting

Format your texts easily with titles, italics, bold, links, quotes and lists.


Easily manage your website in multiple languages from the same back office.


Manage websites with several different domain names on the same tool.

User management

Define different accesses for your team members and what they are working on.

Navigation builder

Build your mobile and desktop browsers independently with our 6 menus.

External links

Control the attributes of outbound links to help Google's robots.


Receive form and workflow notifications via email, Slack or other.

Page management

Take advantage of multiple actions on your pages: redirections, duplication, moving...


Offer a keyword search to your users on your entire website.


Integrate your daily tools like Google Analytics, Crips or Calendly.

Embed content

Add a Youtube video, a Linkedin post or a Calendly for your appointments.

Scheduled publication

Schedule the date and time of publication of a page on your website with a single click.


Connect your CMS data to an API so you can use it wherever you want.


Simply supervise the tasks to be done with your team from the CMS.

A CMS designed for SEO

Technical performance

Snoweb CMS ensures fast loading pages and scores between 90 and 100 on Google Lighthouse.

Enriched results

Snoweb CMS displays your information on Google in a dynamic way for a better experience.

Fast crawling

Snoweb CMS has been thought and developed to allow a fast indexation of your pages by Google robots.

Sitemaps management

Snoweb CMS automatically generates sitemaps for all your websites and in all languages.

A CMS for your brand

Light et dark mode

Your website will automatically appear in light or dark mode on different browsers.

Responsives pages

Your website will be optimized for mobile. All your prospects will have easy access to information.

Colors and fonts

Your website will be 100% customized. Add a Google font and manage the colors of your theme.

Icon library

Your website will stand out from the rest thanks to our library of 1460 icons to illustrate your pages.

A healthy CMS

Update of the CMS

Snoweb CMS updates itself automatically so that your website remains optimized, functional and visible to your prospects.

Weekly backups

Snoweb CMS allows us to backup your CMS data every week. In case of failure, a version will be put online.

Monthly audit

Snoweb ensures optimal security for its websites. A regular audit is performed to correct new security flaws.

Monthly monitoring

Snoweb regularly monitors the traffic of its websites. A resizing is done if the traffic becomes too important.

Prices as transparent as ice

We are like ice-cutters, shaping our offerings down to the pixel to ensure that every customers is satisfied.

Snowflake ❄️

This offer is ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers or companies wishing to have a single website in one language. Once the CMS is installed and delivered, Snoweb trains you to use it.

49€ TTC per month



  • 1 language
  • 1 website
  • 100 pages
  • 1 user
  • 1 hour training on the CMS
  • 1 GB of storage per month

Igloo ❄️

This offer is ideal for companies with several websites that want to expand internationally. Indeed, you can translate your websites into 51 languages and manage them from the same back-office independently.

99€ TTC per month



  • 51 languages available
  • 5 websites
  • 1 000 pages
  • 10 users
  • 2 hour training on the CMS
  • 5 GB of storage per month

Iceberg ❄️

This offer is ideal for web agencies or large companies with various subsidiaries. You can manage from the same CMS 15 websites in 51 languages. A 2 hour training will be done after the deployment.

199€ TTC per month



  • 51 languages
  • 15 websites
  • 5 000 pages
  • 20 users
  • 2 hour training on the CMS
  • 15 GB of storage per month

Custom ❄️

This offer is ideal for companies wishing that Snoweb takes care of the total redesign of their website or wanting additional features. But also for the creation of content or their visual identity.

Quote Customized

Contact us


  • Redesign of an existing website
  • Page creation
  • Content creation
  • Custom development
  • Creation of your visual identity/graphic charter

Order Snoweb CMS now

Receive your CMS in only a few hours after an initial exchange.

A first exchange

This first exchange helps you choose the offer that suits you best. We introduce you to the CMS and discuss the possible external tools you want to add to the CMS.

Your CMS is ready to use in a few hours

We configure one or more domain names with HTTPS. Then we put the CMS online and we create your login to connect securely.

Training and support

We train you on the creation of the first page, user accounts, multi-site and multi-language. Thereafter, in case of concerns about the CMS, we respond within 24 hours.


The maintenance takes into account the hosting, the updates of the CMS, the weekly backup of your website as well as the correction of the encountered bugs.

This is the total weight of images/documents you can upload to the CMS per month.

Yes, we provide you with a link to online documentation once your CMS is up and running. We also offer a 1 hour training to make it easier for you to get started with the CMS.

We offer you exchange to advise you and choose the right offer according to your needs.

Maintenance CMS

Maintenance offered for 3 months until January 31, 2022

Get 3 months of free maintenance for any website ordered before January 31, 2022.

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